The authors calculated that a mile electric class 8 truck would require a battery pack 31 times the size and weight of a kWh Tesla Model S car not only because of weight, but all the other factors mentioned above aerodynamics, rolling resistance, etc. But ethanol was a product in search of a market, so ADM spent three decades relentlessly lobbying for ethanol to be used in gasoline. There goes the payload: And therein lies the rub. Still, the authenticity is pretty spot on… …as revealed when Baxter looks up to the window of his apartment: Also, the trees have certainly grown: But people argue endlessly about EROI because of the boundaries do you include the energy to make the tractor that planted the corn or not? After all, besides water, air, and dirt, plants are the most abundant and renewable resource that could possible scale up to replace fossil fuels. Performance metrics required of next-generation batteries to make a practical electric semi truck.

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Baxter, an insurance salesman who lends his apartment to the higher-ups at his company to use for their extramarital dalliances. But ethanol was a product in search of a market, so ADM spent three decades relentlessly lobbying for ethanol to be used in gasoline. Authors miles payload of 24, pounds, my payload 15, pounds. Fuels made from biomass are a lot like the nuclear powered airplanes the Air Force tried to build from to , for billions of dollars. Historically, it takes most civilizations years to exhaust their soils. The tractor the cab in front weighs around 17, to 20, pounds. To do that would require 15 billion metric tons of plant biomass taking up billion cubic meters bcm. It takes enormous amounts of biomass to make liquid fuels. The maximum weight of a truck allowed on the road is 80, pounds, so if the body weight of a diesel truck is the minimum 33, pounds, then the maximum amount of cargo that can be carried by a diesel truck is 47, pounds. Ethanol is an agribusiness get-rich-quick scheme that will bankrupt our topsoil. Biomass fuels have equally obvious and predictable reasons for failure. This would generate million tonnes of Dried Distillers Grain DDG byproduct, 10 times more than the entire consumption of high protein commercial feeds — 51 million tonnes in But is there enough biomass? The more work left to nature, the higher the energy yield, but the longer the time required. Calculating efficiency in terms of how much energy is available from the biofuel versus how much energy was in the sunlight hitting the plants used to produce the biofuel,. Since fossil fuels are finite, it certainly makes sense to turn to biomass to provide fuel to replace oil. While some of the exterior shots were done in New York, the freezing weather ultimately proved too much for Wilder, who ordered that the facade be rebuilt on a sound stage. And we know the kWh, size, and weight of the battery needed to move a truck of given weight a certain number of miles. Most of the grand staircases have been removed to make way for more apartment space. Though the interiors were all done on a stage as well… …. They forgot to add on the weight of the empty container and chassis where the payload is. And once again, the geography makes sense: But those trucks are not being made commercially. What remains of the New York seen in The Apartment? Peak Phosphate will also cause civilization to collapse Industrial farming is also limited by phosphate, which scientists estimate will last from 40 to more years.

Sex and the city moview

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Sex and the city moview

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