I joined them on the bed, kissing my wife tenderly and stroking her hair. I had to sit down quickly to hide the tent in my trousers. They moved around the bed, changing positions occasionally. Jon held his cock at her opening as she twisted her hips on the bed. We are professionals and are only here to make your photo session as sexy as possible. She was pushing the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy and moaning softly. Do you mind if I go to the room to freshen up?

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After about half an hour, it was time. Tanya was moving her head back and forth on the pillow making noises low in her throat. Do you both understand? The plan for the evening was this. Tanya turned to face Jon—and he slowly slid his cock into her willing mouth. Tanya lay back and spread her long, stockinged legs. We had each been in fairly staid, long-term relationships but discovered soon after meeting that we both had sexual fantasies that our previous partners were unwilling to fulfill—and we decided to find ways to merge our fantasies and make them a reality. It was glorious to behold my wife enjoying such sexual pleasure. I will take a few more pictures. It was an incredibly arousing sight. I took the lead in responding. What a sight Tanya was as she resumed her position on the bed—quite a bit less demure now. Everything had to be perfect for her new gentleman. The last thing, of course, was choosing her attire for the evening. We are physically active and try to stay fit and healthy. I took one and handed the other to Jon—Tanya pretended not to notice. This seems very wrong. She deftly stepped out of it and tossed it on a chair. That would be taking things too far. You can be confident that we would never take advantage of you or this, um, intimate situation. Jackson, please lay back on the bed and open your legs. She was now having fun with us. She took her new prize into her hands and stroked it gently. He was not shy but not boastful either. Tanya knelt in front of her new gentleman friend and slowly pulled his briefs down. To enhance the narration, I have added a few photos from the night in question.

Real husband wife sex pics

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Real husband wife sex pics

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